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I [Nigel] was born and raised in downtown Toronto. Part of my family is proudly Canadian, while the other part is actually from the American west coast where my immigrant grandparents worked as academics in science at UC Berkeley and U Washington in the '40s. As life took me down the path of math and science at McGill University, a preoccupation with education developed.

Approaching 30, in my prime teaching years, I've passed 19,000 hrs of training, teaching, and development in math and science, with over 10 years of post secondary education and work experience. I started tutoring, and developing this high school program around 2008 - the online implementation started around 2010. My interest is in developing things to self-enable students to master their math and science classes, which hopefully empowers them. I believe this sort of adjunct to learning is the future. At the very least it provides a useful template. For now, it is probably mostly useful to some of the ~685,000 high school students in Ontario.

I teach students in the community with a style that emulates the office-hour experience of an unusually helpful teacher. The experience transcends most typical situations out there. The main goal of a lesson is to fill gaps, build basic competency, and maintain higher levels of ability. In math and science, I would consider myself a generalist with some depth, good at most things, and better at some. I am patient and friendly and have a knack for explaining concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. Note that I don't have teaching certification, and I don't intend to get it.



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