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"I'd like to thank Nigel not only because of the improvement to my math mark but also because of how fun he made math/science/programming. He helped me understand a lot of concepts at a deeper level and also provided applications of the concepts. He was very flexible and his website was a great resource!"

Grade 11 IB Math SL Student, Bayview Secondary School (2015)

"Nigel has helped me succeed in three subjects. He is great at thoroughly explaining complex topics in a way that makes sense and is easy to understand. He has been instrumental in not only my success, but my enjoyment of the topics."

Grade 11 Math, Chem, Physics Student, UCC (2015)

"Nigel has helped boost my marks a lot. Without him I would still have been struggling in math and science but now I am not only getting by but thriving."

Cooper P, Grade 9 Math & Science Student, UCC (April 2014)

"In our lessons we work on ideas and concepts that I have difficulty understanding on my own. We also spend time studying for upcoming tests. I like being able to use the computer-based program during sessions as well as at home. I find that it is a good way to study and practice. I find these tutoring sessions helpful because I learn new concepts (that I have not learned at school) which better my understanding on ideas I already know."

Danaka T, Grade 11 Physics, Math, & Chemistry Student, ESA (April 2014)

"I did not have a competitive chem mark last year because I could not get into depth in the theories. After four months with Nigel I found myself in a good position. I increased my chemistry mark by 16% and now I am accepted into Queen's and McMaster engineering. I am looking forward to university because I am well prepared."

Tommy, Grade 12 Chemistry Student, RSGC (March 2014)

"Nigel was very patient and diligent and I really appreciated this when I was asking questions. He was very helpful in setting up a whole section of his website for me, and I appreciate this greatly as I know I will be able to access it easily back in England. Everything has been a help - thanks!"

Conrad C., Grade 12 Maths Student, Eton College (December 2013)

"Nigel has made me more confident in math and he's made it lots of fun. I am learning code as well as my regular math."

Ruby Rogers, Elementary Math & Code Student, OLPH (December 2013)

"Nigel has been a god-send because I no longer have to tutor my daughter in grade 5 math. Yipee."

Diane Dempsey, Mother of Elementary Math & Code Student, OLPH (December 2013)

"Nigel's overall really helpful. I liked the computer-based style a lot because it made everything more convenient (that and the graphics tablet/comp combo made it much easier to see/visualize). We go at our own pace and I think that is one of the things I like most, because sometimes I don't need to review everything, but just have some unresolved questions."

Grade 10 Extended Math MPM1DE Student, Bayview Secondary (November 2013)

"Nigel is very helpful because he will answer my questions clearly and in depth in ways my teacher couldn't. His website makes reviewing much easier as it provides full solutions to problems from all topics of the course."

Rielle, Grade 11 Chemistry Student, North Toronto C.I. (June 2013)

"Nigel was great in helping me understand physics in first year--he broke it down to make the formulas easier to understand. I feel a lot more prepared going into my exam with his help."

Jessica, First Year Physics PHY131 Student, University of Toronto (June 2013)

"Many people associate tutors with poor grades. Nigel is helpful to me despite my high marks in chemistry and physics. Having one on one help is useful because students with higher marks tend to receive less attention in class from teachers; as a result my questions aren't answered in class."

Grade 11 Physics and Chemistry Student, Northern Secondary School (May 2013)

"The program is very helpful for at home learning. It teaches you things that your teacher may have failed to explain. Overall a good program."

Will, Grade 11 Functions Student, NTCI (May 2013)

"Over the last couple of months Nigel has been extremely helpful. His website was especially useful since after the lesson you can continue to work at his problems and quiz yourself to see if you really understand the material, and solutions were available. My experience has been very positive and it has made a notable difference."

Grade 12 AP Physics Student, Royal St. George's College (May, 2013)

"Nigel's program has helped improve my learning tremendously. This is because it helps me better understand questions as the answer is given in steps as well with the range of questions."

Grade 11 Math Student, North Toronto CI (May 2013)

"Nigel helped me to prosper in my studies of physics. After working with the online problems built by Nigel, I gained confidence to do physics problems on my own. My marks were increasing steadily until I eventually got into great places like Queen's engineering and McGill management."

Student of Grade 12 Physics, RSGC (West End, May 2013)

"I just wanted to reach out and tell you that I have seriously appreciated the help you've given her. I think you made a big difference in her year. So I just wanted to say thank you and to let you know that your help has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated."

Mother of Grade 12 Math Student, Harbord (West End, April 2013)

"I think this program helps me by reviewing everything I do in class and giving me different questions, and challenging my knowledge. It also helps me by making me realize things I need to look out for while doing my tests. Overall, I think this program has helped re-instill the material that I've learned from textbooks and from class."

Isaac, Grade 9 Math and Science Student, Lawrence Park CI (Davisville, April 2013)

"Their test results have consistently been above average. I want to give them a platform of a solid foundation and good work ethics with the time one on one."

Mother of Grade 9 Math and Science Students, Lawrence Park CI (Davisville, April 2013)

"Nigel has way more swag than any tutor I've ever had. He is always extremely professional and has allowed me to achieve my goals of getting into University of St. Andrews, and receiving scholarships to Queen's and Laurier. Nigel's help in most of my toughest courses will provide me with an excellent base for success in university."

Student of AP Physics and AP Calculus, RSGC (Yorkville, April 2013)

"My son is a very good math student and Nigel has been very effective in teaching my son how best to apply math theories and examples. He provides a lot of good examples which "instills" my son with confidence when writing tests and exams. His pleasant demeanor and flexible nature really work well with my son's personality. Nigel has been a real asset to the school year."

M. Dufton, Mother of Grade 9 Math Student, UCC (Moore Park, March 2013)

"Nigel has been very helpful in helping me do well in math. He has lots of knowledge about the subject and always has extra examples for whatever I want to work on to do much better on tests."

J. Dufton, Grade 9 Math Student, Upper Canada College (Moore Park, March 2013)

"We have found Nigel to be extremely professional, reliable, competent, and attentive. He is always punctual and makes himself available to answer questions and to report on progress. He also seems very interested in his students success, showing a willingness to generate additional course material that may benefit the student. I would recommend Nigel without hesitation."

Mother of IB1 Physics Student, TFS (Davisville, February 2013)

"Being a student-athlete, it is not always easy to keep up with work, especially an extremely vigorous courseload including 5 AP courses. Over the past two years Nigel has helped me master each and every subject, which has helped me gain acceptance to McGill Management, Northwestern, and a $15,000 scholarship per year to Northeastern."

Patrick., Grade 12 AP Calculus and AP Physics Student, RSGC (West End, February 2013)

"Working with Nigel has increased my understanding of the course material and my marks have gradually improved. I find physics much more interesting now that I understand it better, thanks to Nigel."

O.G., IB1 Physics Student, Toronto French School (Davisville, February 2013)

"I used to get nervous before tests. But Nigel's online questions helped me prepare for the tests and has helped me grow as a student. Nigel has helped me become better as a student with his help. He has taught me ways to solve questions and get ahead."

David, Grade 9 Math Student, RSGC (West End, January 2013)

"Nigel has helped me understand the concepts and theories in AP physics. In addition to this my understanding of how to approach and solve problems has improved. I now have a strong foundation as I look to do an undergraduate degree in engineering."

Scott M., Grade 12 Physics Student, Royal St. George's College (Etobicoke, January 2013)

"Very pleased with your patience and organized skillful teaching methods along with ability to motivate. The best endorsement is seeing my son's engagement with the lessons and his ability to apply the learning to achieve better results in his math course. I would highly recommend your approach to others. Thank you."

Father of Grade 10 Math Student, UTS (Forest Hill, January 2013)

"If you have been away from school for an extended or short period of time, Nigel is excellent at helping you to learn and understand the materials you have missed in an interesting and efficient manner. He is also great at expanding on what you have learned and delving deeper than the basics of the question at hand."

Grade 10 Extended Functions Student, UTS (Forest Hill, January 2013)

"Nigel really helped me with troubling concepts and aided me in taking control of my learning. He helped me stay ahead in my advanced functions class and give me an edge over my fellow students. It feels great to walk into a class having already mastered the concept being taught."

Simeon V., Grade 12 Advanced Functions Student, Royal St. George's (Yorkville, December 2012)

"Nigel has been an amazing help for my grade 11 year. After working with many tutors it's safe to say he has been the best. Nigel always has the necessary tools supplied for all types of math, and he is an enormous help. Nigel is patient, kind, and has really helped me raise my marks in a short period of time."

Sarah L., Grade 11 Functions and Relations Student, North Toronto CI (Leaside, December 2012)

"Our son's experience with Nigel has been very worthwhile. Nigel's ability to clarify the physics concepts and entrench their meaning has proven to be very successful. Nigel communicates well with parents and is always quick to respond. He is obviously dedicated. Thanks Nigel."

Jennifer, Mother of Grade 12 Physics Student, Royal St. George's College (Etobicoke, November 2012)

"I feel that I have benefited from Nigel's teaching style. His approach is professional and helpful. If there's a problem I am having with a certain question, I will know it inside and out by the end of the session."

Cameron B., Grade 12 Physics Student, RSGC (Etobicoke, November 2012)

"It has been fun because it has helped me improve my math skills, memorizing science terms, and having a greater understanding of what they mean. Overall I enjoy the tutoring because it helps me get good grades on tests while having fun with subjects that were boring before."

John S., Grade 8 Math & Science Student, Glenview Sr Public School (Leaside, October 2012)

"I think what helps a lot is that we go over many things and we move on to the next unit before so that I am ahead. It has helped me grow a lot over the years."

Grade 9 Math & Science Student, Branksome Hall (Rosedale, October 2012)

"With Nigel's help my son's exam mark improved considerably. Nigel showed great patience & came well prepared. He covered the areas of weakness after doing an initial assessment. We truly appreciate the help he has provided and will definitely continue to use his service."

(TDSB Teacher) Anon. Mother of Grade 10 Math & Science Student, North Toronto (Forest Hill, July 2012)

"We found Nigel to be courteous, conscientious, and very effective, able to help our daughter understand complex subjects such as Math, Chemistry, and Physics. We highly recommend him and will continue to use him."

Susan, Mother of Grade 11 IB1 Math, Chemistry, & Physics Student, Branksome Hall (Rosedale, June 2012)

"The lessons were helpful and explanatory throughout both Math and Science. This managed to help me achieve some of my math goals and helped me prepare for both Math and Science exams."

Emily, Grade 10 Math & Science Student, North Toronto C.I. (North Toronto, June 2012)

"Thank you Nigel... In addition to your deep understanding of multiple subjects, I was impressed by your ability to adjust your teaching/coaching in real-time to adapt and make the time spent very worthwhile. In addition, you were organized and always on time.. yet flexible if our plans changed. Thanks Nigel!"

Chris Easton, Father of Grade 11 IB1 Math & Chemistry Student, Branksome Hall (North Toronto, June 2012)

"At the beginning of the year I was having trouble adjusting to grade 9 math and was achieving lower marks than I am used to. I was involved in a lot of competitive sports, and wanted help doing well in school at the same time. Tutoring helped me to grasp concepts quickly and to learn the things I missed in class."

Jackie A., Grade 9 Math & General Science Student, Branksome Hall (Rosedale, June 2012)

"Nigel has been great, he has helped me with all of my math troubles and basically taught me a whole years worth of math. He was even better than my actual math teacher, and yet only came once a week. Thank you Nigel for all the help you have given me."

Ryan S., Grade 10 Math Student, North Toronto C.I. (Forest Hill, June 2012)

"My daughter very much wants to go to business school and therefore needed some help with her math courses. I wanted to help but I am more of a language person, so sent her to Instil about a year ago. Nigel has really helped her not only grasp the current material but has gone back and helped her with fundamentals from junior high which she was missing. Instil is a life-saver!"

Anonymous, Mother of Grade 11 Math Student, Harbord C.I. (West End, June 2012)

"Nigel has been very helpful throughout the whole year. He is very good at explaining complex concepts and ideas in both math and chemistry. He is very flexible and consistent and provides helpful practices that are very applicable to testing material. He adapts to each persons schedule and needs and has excellent dedication to ensuring you understand what he is saying. Thanks again!"

M. Easton, Prefect, IB1 Chemistry & Math Student, Branksome Hall (North Toronto, June 2012)

"Nigel is very personable and flexible and is the reason I'm going to do well in physics after missing school for personal reasons. I started with no physics base and now feel confident tackling the AP course next year and fulfilling my role as Head Boy at school."

Julian, Grade 11 Physics/Chemistry/Math Student, Head Boy at RSGC (Yorkville, June 2012)

"Nigel is the most helpful tutor that I've ever had. Along with providing thorough explanations for difficult concepts, he provides a variety of types of practice questions. Nigel is flexible - he works around your personal schedule - and after working with Nigel for over a year, I can tell he truly cares about his students."

N.S., IB2 Physics/Chemistry/Math Student, Upper Canada College (Forest Hill, May 2012)

"Nigel has greatly helped me to build my skills in math. He has helped consolidate the concepts I have recently learned and has helped to fill gaps in learning from previous years. With help from Nigel, my marks have steadily improved throughout the year."

Ryan, Grade 10 Math Student, St. Michael's College School (North Toronto, May 2012)

"Hi Nigel, Dylaney has been accepted at four of the schools we applied to, including our first choice. This is very exciting!!! So first, thank you very much for all your help in preparing her for the SSATs, I know what you did with her helped her a LOT. They are so impressed... they have offered her a HUGE scholarship. Christine"

Christine Day, Mother of Grade 8 Math Student, Dragon Academy (Forest Hill, April 2012)

"Hi Nigel... Basically, you are the only person who has gotten through to him in teaching... I want to thank you for the work you did with Alexander. He says he will need you for the rest of his high school career... I have never met a more dedicated teacher for Alexander than you have been."

Gail, Guardian of Grade 9 Math & Science Student, North Toronto C.I. (Yorkville, April 2012)

"Dear Nigel, Thank you for all your support, especially during ski season. As an elite athlete, the amount of class time [J] missed for training and races was monumental. Your expert grasp of the concepts in math and science, and your easy way of teaching and making the new material accessible kept our daughter 'on top', not only of the hills, but also her schoolwork. The teachers were amazed... and grateful!"

K.K.A, Mother of Grade 9 Math & Science Student, Branksome Hall (Rosedale, April 2012)

"I have learned more and improved since Nigel started helping me in math. If I don't understand something from class, we'll go back and keep practicing until I get it. Thank you for helping me expand my math skills!"

Dylaney Day, Grade 8 Math Student, Dragon Academy (Forest Hill, April 2012)

"Nigel has made a significant contribution to my son's foundation in math for grade six. This will help him in future years."

Wendy, Mother of Elementary Math & Science Student, Crescent School (Rosedale, March 2012)

"Ethan enjoys his lessons and his confidence in completing school assignments independently has grown tons!"

Laura, Mother of Elementary Math Student, Rosedale Public School (Queen St., March 2012)

"Thank you Nigel your tutoring is improving my grade alot in math and science. Thanks to Nigel I now have the confidence to answer questions on the board in-front of my math class."

Alex, Grade 9 Math & Science Student, North Toronto Collegiate (Yorkville, February 2012)

"Nigel helped me to achieve an impressive mark in Chemistry which will allow me to move forward with regard to my education and career goals. Prior to this I had no Chemistry background and I have been out of school for almost 20yrs and I am currently considering a career change at 43 years of age."

Shawn Richardson, Grade 11 (Adult Learner) Chemistry Student, ILC (February 2012)

"Within two sessions with Nigel, Alex has regained confidence and motivation for learning in all his classes. He is now excited about learning... The reason I sought out a qualified tutor rather than say, Oxford learning is because you are speaking to his issues on the spot as they arise and I think that is the most efficacious method of learning..."

Gail B., Guardian of Grade 9 Math/Science Student, North Toronto (Yorkville, February 2012)

"I had lots of hard work but when Nigel came along work was easy and quick. Now I am a believer!"

Jake, Elementary Math & Science Student, Crescent School (Rosedale, February 2012)

"Nigel has helped prepare my daughter for her tests in Advanced Functions, and her grades have improved. I would highly recommend Nigel."

Maureen, Mother of Grade 12 Student, Etobicoke Collegiate (West End, January 2012)

"Nigel is an excellent tutor. Nigel answers my questions in a way that is easy to understand. He also helped me regain my confidence in math."

Leanne, Grade 12 Advanced Functions & Calculus Student, Etobicoke Collegiate (West End, January 2012)

"My favorite thing about Nigel's tutoring is that I never get bored and we always have something to talk about."

Kai, Grade 7 Math & Science Student, Upper Canada College (Rosedale, January 2012)

"Nigel is exceptional in his abilities to take learning and expand far beyond the textbook. He makes learning an exploration driven by my child, that is fun, informative and always engaging. My son never notices the time going by, and always looks forward to his lessons."

Lori, Mother of Grade 7 Science & Math Student, Upper Canada College (Rosedale, January 2012)

"I can see a real difference in my daughter's level of enthusiasm for and confidence in math since she started at Instil."

Christine S., Mother of Grade 11 Student (Annex, January 2012)

"Nigel has helped my understanding of math a lot, he quickly sees the areas I lack in understanding and helps me improve. I have noticed that the math skills I have obtained over the year have helped me make the connections in math that I didn't have at the start of the year."

Myles S.B., Grade 11 Math Student, Harbord Collegiate (Annex, January 2012)

"...He has been an invaluable support in preparation for and for follow up after any exams. His teaching ability to understand the students is excellent and my son has benefited enormously! Thank you."

Ellen, Mother of Grade 11 Student in Chemistry and Math, Eton College, UK (Rosedale, January 2012)

"Nigel has been tutoring my children for several years now. Over that period of time we have seen a constant improvement in both my children's marks and their academic work habits. I would highly recommend Nigel."

Mother of Grade 8 Student, Deer Park Public School (Rosedale, January 2012)

"I think over the last few months this tutoring has really helped me improve on skills I was not that good on but it also helps be get ahead of the game and more clearly understand units in math."

Student, Grade 8, Math & Science, Deer Park Public School (Rosedale, January 2012)

"The services that Nigel's team provides are exemplary! We recommend Instil Tutoring to anyone who has children in need or wants that extra encouragement!"

Bindu Patel, Mother of Elementary Students, Rosedale Public School (East End, September 2011)

"Although our son regularly achieves grades in the 90s in math and the sciences, we knew that the grade 12 Chemistry course (SCH4U) that he took this summer would be fast paced and demanding. Tutoring sessions with Nigel ensured that he maintained his place as the top student in the class."

S.R., Mother of IB1 Chemistry Student, Upper Canada College (Forest Hill, August 2011)

"Mitch met with Nigel for 2 hours on Sundays. His Math and Physics marks improved and his confidence improved. Nigel is a great teacher and a great guy. Thank you very much Nigel!"

Les W., Father of Grade 12 Student, Advanced Functions & Physics, Northern S.S. (Rosedale, July 2011)

"...I was lucky to find Nigel at Instil who set up a program for me and brought me back up to speed, and then helped me stay on track with the course. Nigel was a great teacher because he dedicated the time to explain every concept until I completely understood it. I found that not only was I understanding the math - I enjoyed doing it. He gave me a sense of confidence and that's why I would strongly recommend his services if you're looking for a knowledgeable, reliable tutor. "

A.M., Student, Grade 12, Advanced Functions MCR4U, ILC (Forest Hill, July 2011)

"Nigel has supported me throughout the year, he helped improve my advance functions mark by over ten percent in one semester. At times I felt like giving up in the course but Nigel was always there to help me get through it. Thank you for the support, encouragement and expertise Nigel."

Ian Gwynne, Grade 12 Student, Northern Secondary School (North Toronto, May, 2011)

"I had a hard time studying for my IB chemistry exam, and was in need of extra help. I contacted Instil and Nigel called right away to set up some sessions. Despite my calling only three weeks before the exam, I managed to have a fairly good grasp of the chemistry concepts and successfully finished the exams. Nigel was very accommodating and worked around my specific academic needs. I would certainly recommend Instil if you're looking for a tutor in the maths and sciences."

Student, IB2 Chemistry & Math, Vaughan Road Academy (Cabbagetown, May 2011)

"My daughter Miranda wants me to pass on the message that her session was extremely useful."

Jeannette, Mother of Grade 11 student, Functions MCR3U, Etobicoke Collegiate (Etobicoke, May 2011)

"Nigel's tutoring is extremely helpful. He's a great teacher. He is very organized and is excellent at focusing on your needs as a student. He'll help you to be more successful and pushes you to achieve academic excellence."

Vee H., Grade 12 student, Chemistry SCH4U & Advanced Functions MCR4U (East York, April 2011)

"Nigel has been a great asset to our son's educational life. He has been adaptive to our son's needs and interests while still making the information accessible and fun to learn. Our son looks forward to his time with Nigel."

Lisa A., Mother of Elementary Student, Math & Science, Mabin School (Rosedale, March 2011)

"He is really nice. He helps a lot and you can do a lot of interesting stuff with him. All the work you have to do he explains it really well and he makes hard things seem very easy."

Elementary Student, Math & Science, Mabin School (Rosedale, March 2011)

"I have used Nigel's services for several years. The results have been tremendous. With Nigel's help my children's marks have improved dramatically. He is a very pleasant organized individual who brings back fun to learning."

Father of Grades 7 and 9 Students, Math & Science, Branksome Hall (Rosedale, February 2011)

"Since day one I have been impressed with your professional approach on tutoring Alexandra. You showed great concern and care for Alexandra's success in school. Your tutorial sessions have greatly helped increase Alexandra's knowledge and have boosted her confidence when working on intricate math and science tests. Thank you so much! Forever grateful, "

Elina Calzavara, Mother of Grade 11 Student, Functions and Chemistry (North Toronto, February 2011)

"Nigel has been an excellent tutor for my children who board at U.K. schools, by following their curriculum and supporting their academic needs with relevant study materials. Nigel's support has helped my children learn and grow confident in their subjects. His preparation for each tutoring session is excellent and the feedback he has provided to me as a parent is very valuable and honest. Nigel is someone I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone! Thank you,"

Anonymous parent of IGCSE Math & Chemistry Student, Eton College (UK) (Rosedale, February 2011)

"Thanks Nigel, William improved by 4 letter-grades on his MATH. His teacher said he did very well considering many people failed! Report cards have not come in yet. Thanks,"

Kristina Webb, Mother of Grade 11 Math & Chemistry Student, St. Michael's College (Moore Park, 2010)
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