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View question activity: 'Completed', 'Incomplete', 'Wrong on 1st try', 'Starred', 'Removed', 'Contains notes' Responsive design to look nice on mobile (tablet and phone) You customize questions and units to your specific class or syllabus More teaching videos, demos, examples, classes/lessons at the beginning of each topic/section. Make the class pages load with at least 70% increase in speed Login with facebook/gmail/twitter/email/etc to save progress (everything) and use on different devices Make more questions, or expand, or improve on the existing questions Easier questions Harder questions More questions: automatic question generator based on existing questions, as a template. A (code) math equation library to process inputs to many different user/random-generated questions. Add more, or make better hints on each question. RESTful API for developers to retrieve the questions Write a documentation page that explains the site Artificial Intelligence (AI) to adjust question delivery, real-time, based on performance Match the math or science to your class at school Other: More visualization statistics like: progress, percentages, ... More game items: gems, trophies, avatars, questions, achievements unlocked, ... An economy to spend game items like points, gems, etc. Practice-test mode with option to time, set question levels/amounts, with grading instead of scoring. Question creation tools, easy to use functionality: drag & drop, sliders, dropdown, etc. Some questions still don't have a way to check your answer, finish all of these. More animations, illustrations, photos, GIFs, etc Ask questions to the community when stuck on your homework, upload photos, message, ... Make the whole site look more awesome A feature to assign and track homework A contest math section Leaderboard Note-taking features that get saved where you type or draw Darker night-viewing mode Offline version (works in your browser) More content for the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum Make this whole thing open source, and put it on GitHub
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